Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book?
Yes, you currently have to book online to play.


Can I buy tickets online?
Yes you can.


Does everyone get their own ball and club?
Yes they do, all players get a ball and a club each. There are different length clubs for kids and adults.


Are you open if it’s raining and is it undercover?
Yes we are open when it is raining. If it is terrible, stormy weather we may close the course, it is best to call us if it is nasty weather. No we are not undercover, so bring your raincoats!


What are your opening hours?
They’re shown at the bottom of our website. Scroll down to the footer to see our opening hours.


What age is Garon Castle Adventures suitable for? Can my toddler play? What about the elderly?
Garon Castle’s Adventure Golf course is best suited for ages 3+, however younger toddlers are welcome to play and join the fun but you may not want to include their scores on the scoreboard! Please be aware there are water features, bricks, rocks and other safety hazards on the courses. Supervision is required at all times. Our course has no steep hills or unstable ground, so walking is easy for people with difficulties and the elderly.


Can I take a pushchair and/or wheelchair around the courses?
Yes you can.


Can we bring our own food and drink?
Yes you sure can, please use the bins provided and tidy up after yourselves.


Do I have to play? Can I watch?
We do encourage everyone to play as the course can get crowded with too many spectators. With our low prices, why not give it a go!


Can I share a game with someone (can we take turns)?
Yes you can take turns, but you will receive one club and one ball.


Do you have private areas for birthday parties, hens parties, corporate events, schools etc? Do I need to book?
Yes we sure do! Please see our website for more details. Yes for groups of 8+ it is advised to book, or if you want to use the private areas.


How long does a round of golf take (approx)?
It takes approximately 60 minutes to complete one 18-hole game. It could take less or more depending on how busy we are and how slow or fast you or your group are.


How many people can play at once, is there a minimum or maximum?
Maximum of 4 per group. If you have more than this you will need to split up. You can play on your own so there is no minimum.


Can I play on my own?
Yes of course you can, why not try and beat your last score!


Do you have free parking?


Are there drinks available for purchase?
Yes we have a variety drinks available to purchase.